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July 9, 2023

Jamie 60th and Zack’s 27 the today! Happy Birthday to you Both!

MacKay Heating and Cooling is a St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara Region , Air Conditioning and Heating Repair and installation Company!  We are proud to share Jamie and Zack’s birthday! Yes they have the same birthday naturally.


Jamie writes about the day..
I moved my balloons downstairs in the entrance SO I can see them outside the office I work in and the work family walk by every day!!!!!!HAHAHA

And. I am wearing my birthday button on all outfits all weekend!!!!!!!HAHA I am having fun with this birthday.

I am not one to fuss ON ME. I FUSS ON YOU. I am not one to fuss or get all fancy with mE and whatever I have accomplished or maybe mastered, passed or dealt with!!!!! I celebrate others and not really me and my stuff……this year, I am talking about it. Hahahaha

I am 60 sunday and I told kelly I would wear the button on all clothing all weekend!!!! And it is fun!!!!
So, here we go. PJ”S and MY LOUNGE WEAR Today, and me wearing the button!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some great cards, from THE work family!!!! A great card from the social media pals too!!!!!!! Greta and hubby sent me a very detailed and artistic CARD!!!!!!!!! WE ARE Social media pals!!!!!! Thank you. Thank you and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHHHHHHHHHHH.PJ and no makeup. Do not tell anyone about my RATTY favourite VAPOUR PJ’s. Told you. Nothing too fancy round these parts. NOT FOR ME. Hahahahahahahhahahahhaha

Here comes 60
Last day to be 59 is today

Hold the 50s’ for me guys, I am leaving the lane and entering the 60s’ lane!!!!!!!!

Doing a shit ton of work !!!! Better these years than earlier ones!!!!!!!! For many reasons and then there are struggles that I am working on just like many of you are working on yours too. WE NEVER get an easy time of it if we are paying attention and doing the work……keep it going!!!! Keep UP THE hard work!!!!!!!

Thanks for the time you spend with me. YOU are my Favourite place to be. I LOVE TO write and you guys are good about it. Thank you!

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