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July 7, 2023

From the Desk of KELLY E. From MACKAY Heating and Cooling
A shout out from our customer for TYLER F. His first day in his own truck!!! Out doing maintainces!!!! Trained, graduated and ready to go on his own, solo…..

We send out shout outs to all our staff aka WORK FAM. So we can share in what the world has to say about each and everyone of us to all of us!!!

“Hi tyler
You were out at Jacquies place end of day yesterday in Niagara on the Lake and she phoned in and is blown away with you and work you did there yesterday.
Just so everyone else is aware, JACKQUIE is a lady who is waiting for knee replacement and has been limited mobility with limited help around the house. When I booked the maintenance callShe was beyond worried about her basement as she has limited mobility and is unable to do much of anything in the house and so she is tossing stuff into the basement to deal with later., so she does not have to look at it.etc. She was beyond embarrassed as she is a retired school teacher who runs a tight ship and usually has everything organized etc in the home. I assured her that we were not there to judge them or look at their home, but rather we were there to do a job only. She went on and on to me about the house and over and over I assured her that we could not care less about the messiness of the home, but that were there strictly to do a job.

Anyway, I spent 15 minutes on the phone with her just now as she is truly blown away with you and your work. SHE said when you left yesterday, her and her husband said what a nice young man. Etc. DID great work, etc. but then she went outside today and saw the outdoor unit and almost fell over!!!

She said she thought they got a new a/c unit!! She said she’s even looked inside and it’s all brand new looking, shiny spotless, etc and so super clean. She went on to say that you were very respectful and did not make any negative comments abou the messy stat of the house etc. and that you put on your booties before even entering the house. She said that you spent a lot of time with the unit and were very thorough. she went on to say that you were very friendly and an overall very nice guy and that you didn’t treat them like “ OLD FOOLS’. she said you answered all her questions and even gave great advise about batteries in the thermostat. She said and I quote” HE worked, he worked, HE WOORRRKKEEDDD”. She said you were not on the phone and were focussed on your job, only which was very impressive. AT the end of teh call, I TOLD her I would pass this along as it was your first day on your own yesterday. She said to tell you that get a gold star from an old teacher and keep up the great work.

FIRST day on your own and already a phone call with a great customer review!! PROUD OF YOU!!!!! PROUD OF all of you!, you guys truly know how to impress and do great work out there!!!! IT does NOT GO UN NOTICED. Keep up the great job everyone.”

KELLY Enair. Customer Service MANAGER
MACKAY HEating and Cooling.

NOte from me. The one making this post…I was at my desk when I heard kelly take this call and I could hear her end of it!! SHE was amazing with this wonderful customer. SHE spent the time and talked like they are good friends. I think now they are!!! Well done KELLY and well done TYLER F!!! First day solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing !! Not sure how you going to top this one TYLER!!!!! I just know talent when I see it and I DID. HIRED!! So glad we did!!!! He has been an incredible fast study. we have some pretty special caring INDUSTRY STANDARD excellence TALENT here. THANK you for reading about them often!!!!! They bring it. I write about it. It would be a shame to not!!!

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